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LWSD Capital Project Levy on April 2019 Ballot

LWSD has announced it will put a Capital Project Levy on the April ballot. From the announcement: 

"Levy funds would pay for critical projects to address rapid enrollment growth and student safety and security. Proposed projects include: classroom additions at Lake Washington High School, including auxiliary gyms and commons; classroom additions at Carson Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Rose Hill Elementary, and Twain Elementary, including expansion of core facilities where feasible; and support student safety by adding exterior security cameras at elementary schools and create entry modifications for security at Eastlake, Redmond and Lake Washington High Schools. (Juanita High School’s entry modifications will be added during the current construction project.) "

For more information, refer to the LWSD 2019 Levy Page

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Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside ServicesYouth Eastside Services provides counseling, substance abuse treatment, education and prevention, and psychiatric services in East King County. Since 1968, we've helped children, teens and their families struggling with depression, grief, trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, gender- or cultural-identity issues, behavioral issues, ADHD, autism and so much more. We work with youth up to age 22 and their families.

Youth Eastside ServicesEveryone faces challenges in life. But with the right tools, skills and support, all families can thrive. Just say YES.

Read here the intro letter to parents from our on-site YES counselor. 


Community Service Spotlight

Margaret (Maggie) Lipinsky is a senior who volunteers with Hopelink working in the warehouse, transporting items, and many other areas, but not only that. 
People who volunteered with her at the Holiday Bazaar could see the type of serving person she is when she went around to every single vendor and asked if they needed anymore help before the event was over. Thanks, Maggie for your example of being service-minded!